Suicide Warning Sign and Behavior to Recognize

Life sometimes gets treacherous and as many ways of dealing with the difficult bits in life as the people that walk the earth.

However, sometimes the going is too tough and some people may feel that they cannot go on anymore. They opt out of the race of life by whatever means are available to them. That is perceived to be the most common suicide cause. Scientifically, however, no factor has been singled out as causing suicide.

Nonetheless, it is a problem that troubles many people, some more than others.

Suicidal signs and symptoms

The worst thing that could happen is for you to find out that someone committed suicide and you could have prevented. The level of guilt that comes with it is unfathomable. For some people, the suicidal thoughts and characteristics develop gradually over time. These can be helped if the signs are recognized early enough and they are brought to medical attention. There are some signs that could help you recognize someone with suicidal tendencies and possibly save a life.

  • Discussing wanting to kill oneself or simply wanting to die.
  • Showing signs of looking into means of killing oneself, such as searching over the internet or buying a weapon.
  • Talk of being in pain that is unbearable or feeling as if they are trapped.
  • Reckless behavior or exhibiting signs of agitation and/or anxiousness.
  • Talking about feeling as if they are a burden to other people.
  • Discussing feelings of despondency or having no reason to want to live.
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Increased abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Signs of withdrawal from company or activities that they were previously invested in and isolation from the people that care for them and family.
  • Extreme changes in moods within short spans of time.
  • Extreme rage or yearning for revenge against something or someone.
  • If they suddenly start dishing out possessions that they treasure deeply for no apparent reason.
  • A preoccupation with the death, either of themselves or of other people.
  • Although ironic, a sudden show of calmness or happiness may also be a sign of suicidal tendencies, especially when coupled up with other signs in this list. It is especially alarming if
  • A decline or complete loss of interest in things, people, or events that one cares about.
  • If they suddenly take to visiting people to bid them farewell without any plans to travel or clear explanation.
  • If they suddenly start setting their affairs in order such as organizing what should take some of their property or watch their families in their absence.
  • It should be noted with the care that those signs are not automatic evidence that someone intends to commit suicide as they could signify many more things, especially if they are observed in isolation. For instance, they may have employed different methods of treating anxiety on their own. However, if one shows a number of them at the same time, that is cause for alarm. The signs could especially signify grave danger if the signs occur suddenly or they manifest at the same time as an event that might cause suffering, pain, or loss. They need urgent therapy so that they can learn how to be happy again or treat underlying sources of suffering.

Risk Factors

It is not in order to play doctor and attempt to diagnose someone with a mental condition, but understanding their background and some of the things that may cause suicidal tendencies (risk factors). Some of them include:

  • Mental health conditions are significant influencers on the suicidal tendencies.
  • Drug and substance abuse.
  • Chronic or painful health conditions.
  • Sudden stressful events such as the death of a loved one or divorce.
  • Prolonged exposure to stress factors such as abusive relationships, bullying, unemployment, among others.
  • Exposure to other people’s suicide in any context or form.
  • Suicidal history in the family.
  • Previous suicide attempts

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