This is Why People With Blood Type O Are So Unique

Have you ever thought about what type of blood is currently coursing through your veins? Do you even know what blood type you are?

While many of us have undoubtedly had our blood drawn at various different times, blood type isn’t something that everyone readily knows about themselves. And they should, because every blood type is different (and it’s good information to have in case you need a blood transfusion).

The American Red Cross reports that only about 9 percent of people in the U.S. have blood type O Negative. So, with only 9 percent of people having that blood type, it quickly becomes obvious why it’s so precious. Wait, there’s more.

People with O Negative blood type have been seen to exhibit some unique qualities and characteristics, spurring numerous sites and media channels to speculate on these unique folks.

Healthy Food Team says, “people with this blood type play important roles in any society, even to this day. The leadership, proactivity, energy, and ability to stay focused are the best qualities of people with Type O.”

In Japan, type O blood was revered as special for many years; it was even commonplace to ask for blood type during job interviews because of this.

Higher Perspective says that “some of the most responsible, committed, organized, and focused people,” are those with blood type O.

However, they also write that people with this blood type are at greater risk for health issues, such as “ulcers, thyroid issues, low hormone levels, and iodine deficiency.”

But what truly makes type O blood so special and unique is the fact that it is a universal red cell donor, meaning every other blood type will accept a type O blood transfusion.

So, while blood type A can only donate to other A’s (as well as blood type AB), and B’s can only donate to other B’s (as well as blood type AB), blood type O can be donated to every one of them!