Top 10 Real Herbal Aphrodisiacs

What are aphrodisiacs?
Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase sexual desire such as foods, herbs, drinks or drugs.

As any woman will tell you, the best aphrodisiacs are the ones that activate the mind body and spirit; both physical and emotional needs require attention, unlike many sexual products that focus more on physical performance and hormonal balance. Aphrodisiac herbs have the potential to increase both male and female libido as well as help with connection, consecration of love and communication. When these herbs are used as bonding tools for lovers they can help deepen relationships. Or if you just want to experience something new aphrodisiac herbs are certainly worth experimenting with. Now keep in mind not all aphrodisiacs work on everybody the same and may take a few days to feel there effects, so it is best to find the ones you prefer. Here’s a top 10 list of some of the strongest real herbal aphrodisiacs I know of!

1. Ginseng- Its one of the bestselling herbs in the United States and is used in many aphrodisiac products. In much of Asia, ginseng is prized as a revitalizer for the whole body. The root is famous for its human like appearance and is used for its various curative properties. It’s deeply nourishing for the hormonal system due to its phyto-chemical properties. It is said that ginseng is known to increase sexual arousal.

2. Maca root- Maca has been shown to have a positive effect on the libido and increase fertility, making a great alternative to popular drugs on the market. It’s a hormonal balancer for the body by supporting the pituitary gland functions, resulting in increases in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Raising these hormones means increased sexual desire.

3. Clavo Huasca- Otherwise known as the “Vine of the Nail” or “Vine of the Clove”. It is highly regarded as an aphrodisiac for both sexes- but especially for women! Native tribes in the Amazon use ClavoHuasca for strong erections and increased blood flow to those special parts! It is also added to a sacred psychedelic brew for healing sexual truamas and major digestive problems.

4. Damiana- Damiana is traditionally used by men and women for its Aphrodisiac qualities. It is used for deep loving connection, heart opening communication and consecration of love. A great herb for lovers of all kinds. Damiana is also a great herb for relaxing and resting.

5. Muira Puama- Is known as “Potency Wood” and has been utilized in the Amazonia for centuries- primarily and traditionally as an aphrodisiac but also as a tonic for nervousness.

6. Catuaba- Catuaba is gaining worldwide recognition as a natural virility booster. Catuaba (pronounced [ka.two.’ava], a Guarani word that means “what gives strength to the indian”). It has a great ability to stimulate the libidos of both men and women. In Brazil there is a popular saying , “Until a father reaches 60, the son is his; after that the son is Catuaba’s!”

7. Cacao- We all know that chocolate is said to produce an aphrodisiac effect. Here’s why. The Cacao bean, what chocolate is made from contains many nutritious minerals like magnesium and calcium. Since in its raw form it is so nutritious it can help men and women feel healthier which for some means a healthy sexual appetite. It also contains anti-oxidants and an alkaloid called theobromine which has an anxiolytic effect reducing stress and therefor can allow some people to feel aroused. Not to mention its quite tasty in chocolate form!

8. Yohimbe- Yohimbe is an exotic botanical known for its incredible Aphrodisiac qualities(known sometimes as natures Viagra!). It heightens sexual pleasure in both men and women. Not only is it used for heightened sexual pleasure it is also used to address sexual traumas, frigidity and self-consciousness. It is also a great pre-workout supplement for lean muscle building and increased stamina.

9. Lotus- The lotus is revered in many cultures as being a sacred and holy flower. In Hinduism the lotus flower is considered to hold the highest sacred energy. It is found within the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt showing its use in orgiastic ceremonies. With its dreamy relaxation, Lotus is sure to get lovers in the mood!

10. Tongkat ali– A rare and unique plant found in Indonesia and Malaysia. The word “Tongkat Ali” is Malaysian literally translates to “Ali’s walking stick”, mostly because of the appearance of the long thin trunk of the tree which resembles a huge stick, and partly because it is a sexual innuendo.

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