7 Addictive Foods You Simply Should Not Eat

Obviously food can be very addicting. However, do you know why those foods are so addictive?Studies will show you that food addiction and drug addiction share some of the same euphoric feelings as well as crashes. So if you’re willing to admit to yourself that you should be on the look out for addictive foods, then we will give you 7 of the most addictive foods there are already.

1. Every Kind Of Pizza

I know, shocking. About one in eight Americans will devour pizza every day according to U.S. Department Of Agriculture. Also a study done by the University Of Michigan that shows that pizza is the top of the list as most addictive food from the Yale Food Addiction Scale.

2. Any Kind Of Chocolate
Chocolate has been known to lower stress and even helps you live longer. So out of all addictive foods, maybe this one isn’t so bad. However, I’d watch out for cavities and upset stomachs from consuming too much.

3. Potatoes: French Fries & Chips
You’ll notice you’ve been eating chips for too long when you start cramming as much as you can into your mouth. Same thing goes with fries. Dr. Arya Sharma, Canadian obesity researcher, claims a study that found receptors in our mouths trigger an addiction-type mechanism in our guts when they come into contact with fat. Which is probably the reason why we scarf the whole bag or plate in one sitting.

4. Cakes, Pies, Cookies, You Name It
It’s all the sugar, baby. Sugar is one of the most addicting substances we can put in food to make it taste better. There’s even a study on how rats become sugar dependent and show side effects that are similar to drug addictions.

5. Burgers Of Course
Burgers hold 28 grams of fat and 885 milligrams of sodium. It makes sense that burgers are so addictive, but that doesn’t excuse us from eating 3 at a time. According to PBS, on average Americans eat three hamburgers per week. Which equals out to almost 50 billion burgers consumed per year. Doesn’t that frighten you just a little bit?

6. Ice Cream Will Make You Scream
Ice cream will always be the soul soother that will make you want to soothe your soul regardless of how many scoops you put in your bowl. In fact, a study concerning teenagers with ice cream and milkshakes shows that ice cream is just as addictive than drugs.

7. Every Type Of Soda
Soda is basically sugar in a can. What did we learn about sugar previously? Remember? With the rats? One in five Americans will drink at least one soda every day. 12 ounce cans contains 39 grams of sugar. Imagine someone pouring 10 teaspoons of sugar into your glass right then and there. This can have major consequences that lead to anxiety, insomnia and your overall mood.