What is Consciousness? Why do I feel ‘Awakened’ while Also in Despair?

Simply put, consciousness is awareness. Awareness not only of the ‘exterior world,’ but perhaps more importantly, the ‘inward world.’ Of course these two worlds are not mutually exclusive, but the more we bring awareness inward the greater the chance for positive change outward.

Consciousness transcends the mind, as one can become aware of the mind and thoughts. This leads us to understand we are not necessarily our mind but we are the observer of our mind. Words can only do so much to explain notions such as consciousness, in the end, as much as they help, they are limiting. You can read all you want about consciousness, but until you start to practice the art of awareness it will continue to elude you. To understand it more, be present, be aware of your thoughts and actions, respond to people instead of reacting, and find space in time where you think you must rush.

‘Awakening’ While Simultaneously Feeling Despair

It seems there are many people feeling as though they are ‘awakening’ while simultaneously feeling much despair, and not understanding how to relate to others. This seems to be a common occurrence in expanding one’s consciousness for some. As you become more aware you start to realize that much of what you have been told or lead to believe is not the whole truth.

You may find yourself judging others that don’t seem as though they are on the same conscious level you are, you may find it hard to talk with family and friends, you may feel as though you are isolated from the world with no one here to understand you…but once you emerge from this despair you will realize the oneness that is.

This feeling of disconnect is nothing new in the realm of conscious expansion. It may help to think of it as one would building a home. You have torn down the old only to build anew on a stronger foundation, you may not know where all the pieces go just yet but you know you have the capability to build. Once you build your house with strength you can invite others in, openly, without judgment, with love.

Those you invite in may learn that their house need tending, but no amount of force will ever make them realize this. Instead, you can only show the ‘way’ by living it yourself, and hope that others observe the peace and awareness you experience. This is not a race but a continued journey of life!