There has been a great secret hidden in plain sight, always lurking within every part of everything. This is the secret of evil. Many wonder what could be the secret of evil?

Self awareness has existed in some form or another for a very long time, but it was tainted within the mirror of itself with a particular evil. This evil is around us in its most prominent manifestation during this latest age.

What is being referred to as evil, is the tendency, the desire, the wish to seek a way out of self responsibility. To seek a way to have power without consequence. Know that this is impossible, as it is demonstrated through the universe in the existence of the heavens and earth, coupled with cosmic law.

The only reason earth exists the way it does today is because people seek someone else to take responsibility. There is no self responsibility, we are all playing these roles, weaker or stronger, richer or poorer for our own progression. Some play to the point of pretending that the spirit and soul are the illusion and not real. That way there can be no self realization, the self cannot be seen in the mirror. The image and likeness of the creation of self is denied.

What is the creation of self? The creation of self is that which comes forth from the participation of self, breath by breath, moment by moment throughout existence. In every moment exists self responsibility, but it has become like a faint image lost between the ghosts of the past and the technology of the future.

People have no reference point, no one that is existing now bares any resemblance to those who existed in the past. The people of today do not even eat the same fruit of the earth as they stand apart from nature.

This evil or good will be the undoing of everyone, as it has done over the ages. Slowly diminishing each self to nothing but a seeker of something greater than self, to take responsibility for self.

Not taking responsibility becomes the very foundation of the illusion to hide behind. Manifested in this world as the tongue is a sword that can cut both ways, creating polarity, placing living words in deceptive ways as to not take responsibility for the act of living.

We have gone so far as conjuring a point of birth of self to try and somehow squeeze out of the universe some higher power so that we might be saved or spared and rescued. There will be none.

Many have already perished at their own hand, their own illusion, their own ego clawing for survive. The question that remains for man kind each at an individual level is, would you perish at the edge of your own sword? Will you execute the living word which is yourself?

Time will tell, it is now that we must allow equality for all things in all ways as a means to escape that which lies within all man. Escape the ego, become responsible, let your emotions ride out so that you may go beyond good and evil.

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