It has been discussed in detail here that we are not our bodies or our ego which we have all collectively identified with and found SELF in. We are not our name, our style, our culture, or our job title, even though this is what we have been lead to believe. The reasons for which are not relevant in this post and for that reason will not be discussed.

It is important we detach from this idea that we are our bodies and this experience. I say this because the times that are coming will seem chaotic if we do not. In my next post I will present neutral information that will seem challenging depending on what our individual ego’s have identified with in this experience. For that reason, conflict and offense can be taken, but if we remember we are not our ego and not this experience, what is being offended? What is being challenged? The answer is; our false sense of self. The very thing we are NOT is being challenged and because we identify with this we take its side, we take offense and are sometimes blinded by the truth because of our identity. I repeat again, it is important we detach and understand what we are and what we have identified with, when we do this, we can view things in a neutral light and we open our possibilities. Detach yourself from the experience that we have let run ourselves and let’s run our own experience. Allowing this “ride” to run us is coming to an end and we will soon realize we are not restricted to just the Ferris Wheel. Get off now! Go on another ride now, all this is a ride and we can choose to switch at any time so long as we don’t identify with the ride we are currently on.