Our heart is a great guide in our experience, it is the true feeler. We often associate thinking and reasoning with the brain which is true, but at the same time the heart is capable of discernment beyond blief based logic and ideals. If we can realize that our true knowing comes from our hearts, we can learn how to trust and get back in touch with deeper levels of who we are. For some of us, there is much to develop when it comes to beginning to listen to our intuition (hearts), for others it’s simply a matter of continuing to strengthen what we have already followed at various points in our journey. Experiment with ‘thinking’ with your heart or your “gut” feeling. Avoid allowing the ego to step in and say “that can’t be it.” Ego interference is what has been causing suffering within our lives as we were unaware of it’s presence for so long. It is time now that we ask and are being asked to change this our consciousness when it comes to thought and feeling. Set the thoughts and doubts of the mind aside, get in touch with your heart and feel with our true guiding systems.

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