Whether it’s with money or another form of resource, everything you need in this lifetime you already have available to you. You have created the situation you are in and do not require anything outside of that except if the program/mind tells you otherwise.

Knowing that in every moment, you have what you need means you aren’t lead to think about the future and what you need or what you don’t have enough of now. The ego will always want to tell you “you don’t have it” or “you need more” or “you will be at peace once you have this or that.” It’s constantly trying to get you to look forward to some event or time when you will have something in order to take you away from right now, where everything is already perfect. It does this simply because that’s all it knows. That’s how the program runs, it cannot be in the moment and experience the perfection because it is always analyzing and looking for the next answer. It is never content. In that mode however, it is perfectly serving to us and for that we can appreciate the ego for what awareness it can create for us.

Now I don’t want to create this idea and have it associated with the saying “be and live in the moment always” and not actually have others understand what that truly means. To be in the moment is simply to experience and appreciate now, while being at peace with how you look slightly forward to take care of what you need when it comes. If there comes a point where you are driven from the state of peace, we are now bringing up an opportunity to face what needs to be addressed within ourselves. If we begin to worry too much about how something may turn out a week from now, or we now begin to worry about money not showing up or whether or not we will be where we want to be.

All of these scenarios are showing us something about how we feel or operate towards each one. If we are giving to much energy and importance towards something, we are creating the experience of not having it so we can begin to be at peace with it and create from a point of pure creation vs. out of lack or need. Hence, when you are at peace and in the moment, you have everything you need.

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