As of now we are being seriously tested in terms of duality on Earth. As higher dimensional energies have now made their way into our planet and found a home here, we see changes coming about at a very fast pace. The last 6 months of 2009 promised to begin to crack our structures and push forth interesting times. We see it with our politics, health and economy right now in a major way, and this is only the very beginning.

We are being asked now to make a choice. To identify, hold onto and make our lives about our material possessions, money and allow all of this to run our experience or to be at peace with not having them if that should be the case. Move onto a time where we are NOT our possessions, we are NOT the money we have and the lifestyle we live. To understand we are love, infinitely and all interconnected. We all have the choice, one path will lead us to a time of disparity where we will likely see the end of Earth and our existence and the other is a path of love and FREEDOM. We are very close to a time of knowing what love and freedom truly is, it’s our choice to get there.