4 Tips For Surviving Spiritual Emergence

Hopefully, you are reading this before a spiritual emergency occurs. If you are out of touch with reality and disconnected to the loved ones you normally trust, then please go to your hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

If you are consciously trying to stay informed and hope to know how to mitigate any difficult effects from rapid spiritual expansion, please read on. As always, trust life, and know that the Universe is here to help you. This means, the people you love are guides, and they can be trusted. If you find yourself suspicious of them, this may be a sign that you need further help.

For many, spiritual practices can yield times of unprecedented growth and realization. If there is not a container for this newfound understanding, fear and isolation can set in, often bordering on paranoia. Use these four tips as a guide to weather oncoming storms, and always reach out to your community for support.

1) Love Is Absolute
When you start tripping out about whether or not God is in the water, talking to you on the bus, or otherwise omnipresent in ever single bit of minutia, it helps to recall that Love, not God, is absolute. This will help you stay safe. God is a projection of your state of consciousness, and if you are in turmoil, putting all your psychic eggs in the Love basket will allow you to stay grounded. Releasing old cognitive patterns or wrestling with dissonance can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Because you are in a state of emergence, trusting God may not be your best bet for reconnecting to reality. Trust Love instead. Who knows what sort of crazy shit “God” might be telling you. Say “no thank you” to the voices, and align yourself with Love.

2) You Are Fundamentally Good
At the core, boiled down to your essence, you are endlessly and totally good. Your soul is pure, and your intentions come from a place of love. This knowledge is critical. Discomfort stems from the violent nature of your mind’s rewiring and upheaval, so tapping into infinite goodness can smooth out the rough edges of jagged cognitive efforts. As patterns are uprooted and new pathways formed, staying conscious of your good nature will give you ground amidst mental reorganization. Trusting inner goodness is essential to going through spiritual emergence. Emerging into the lighter side of spirit automatically occurs when gentleness and trust prevail over fear and harshness. Be kind to yourself and those around you.

3) Pause Spiritual Practices
This part may seem counterintuitive, but in order to integrate and assimilate all this new spiritual insight, the mind needs to get back to mundane activity. Present-moment awareness is key. Wash the dishes, take a shower, cook a meal, and talk to loved ones, all with vigilant focus on the task at hand. Simplify your schedule and minimize daily requirements as much as possible. Do not continue meditating or praying, as this will only download more information. Imagine you are hardware integrating now software. You wouldn’t want to keep upgrading prior to completion. Streaming more information before the mind has a chance to buffer only prolongs the disturbance. Homeostasis must be regained before spiritual practice can effectively begin again.

4) Get Back In Your Body
In cases of spiritual emergence, the mind may become disconnected from the body. This is seen as deficient care for vital needs, such as little to no sleep, fasting, and overactive thinking. Eat nutrient-dense meals, with plenty of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Stop reading spiritual material, and turn your thoughts to presence in your activities. Take a mindful walk, feeling your feet against the earth and concentrating on the movement of your body. Calmly breathe in and out. Do not run. Strenuous exercise stimulates the nervous system and sends it reeling further. Slow down. Turn your attention to grounding, where the mind is minimally stimulated and the nervous system is encouraged to rest and enter parasympathetic activity.

If needed, go to a psychiatric hospital. Psychosis is nothing to play around with, and you may need medication. If you find yourself out of touch with reality, you need professional assistance. There is a difference between contacting alternate realities and getting stuck there. You might need antipsychotic or sedative medication in order to regain your reference points. All spiritual insights can be integrated long after the experience is over; so do not take psychiatric treatment as a failure, but simply view professional care as assistance in grounding. Joseph Campbell says, “The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight,” and there’s no shame in requesting a life preserver. Refusal of help is a clear sign of ego. You can explore and assimilate newfound wisdom once you are clear and grounded again.

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