4 Ways To Hone Your Intuition With Ease

Intuition is our eternal life navigator in a sense. A built in system that helps us compare the wrong path from the right path. Some people already have strong intuitions.

In fact, some people have better life navigators than others. This is not a problem, however. You can just as easily have the best intuition as the next person with these 4 ways of honing your built in navigation system! The biggest advice I can give is to be open minded and flexible.

1. Meditate Whenever You Can

Meditation can easily calm you down in seconds. Learning how to tune out the distracting sounds and disruptions by clearing your mind of all formalities. Reaching into your own mind and finding peace within yourself. Breathing slowly and steadily will make you feel mentally and physically reinvigorated.

2. Allow The Universe To Guide You

It’s more than okay to ask the universe for guidance when you aren’t sure about something. Asking the universe a question is a great way to show the out worldly spirits that you’re more than ready to find the right path. “Please show me a sign that this is the right thing to do,” is something you could say to the universe to help guide you through trying times of questioning.

3. Understanding The Signs

You’ll notice that sometimes there will be a specific number you keep seeing or you always see the same time on your watch. The universe has a funny way of guiding you through synchronicity, patterns, shapes, letters, almost in any shape or form the universe will help you navigate. This is the universe’s way of showing you what you should do or how you’re going to achieve whatever it is you’re doing. Let yourself take these hints as stepping stones to a better future.

4. Getting The Rest And Nutrition You Deserve

The most important thing to stay so intuitive is to rest and eat foods that won’t cloud your head. Your body is a fragile vessel and needs nourishment as well as rest. Eating clean organic foods will insure that your vessel stays healthy and is able to interact with the universe in peak condition. Avoiding chemicals, fluorides, and other toxic substances will enhance your intuition tremendously.