5 Ways Time Alone Leads to Self Actualization

Self-actualizing is so difficult for a laundry list of reasons. Taking those moments to look at only the self is one rung in that ladder. If you are constantly interacting then you are never reflecting. Without reflection and identification you can’t honestly say where you are as an individual. If you can’t say who you are individually then what are you shaping up to be? Or just as scary how are you truly interacting with those around you? Take even just five minutes a day alone to reflect. Be honest and non judgemental. The benefits are long lasting and immediately helpful! Here are some points it may help to meditate on.

Find and Strengthen Your Voice Voice is a profound, honest and expressive measure of awareness. Every tone and choice of words reveals many elements in the speaker. The more you can identify what is are prevalent in your personal formation the better. The compromise between what you wanted to say and actually said will lessen. The ability to say what exactly you wish is a powerful tool.

Remember to Let Go and Live in the Moment. I never realize how unnecessarily tight my grip gets when I’m biking up a hill or rock climbing. If I never slow down or pause then I will continue to push until my ability to handle objects is seriously hampered its nearly impossible or painful to release or seize something! Don’t wait until you are so mentally fatigued you can’t hold on to what is dear or let go what is damaging. The freedom and ability to always voluntarily change the elements in your life is crucial to designing your evolution.

Dissect the Influences in Your Life. We are constantly bombarded with information and distractions. The mind can quickly be overwhelmed with manipulative information. Look at these adorable puppies! Worry and feel for problems in far away lands! Distrust this and love that! How long does it take for you to lose sense of direction if you’re spinning in circles? Slow down and ignore the fast track options ‘to get you where you’re supposed to be’. Stand still long enough and you’ll know where you wanna go.

evaluating needs and desires. What I want and what I need are always trying to trade places with each other. Frequently I find myself spending my scarce resources on something to distract myself in lieu of what could be doing to resolve my issue. If energy is being spent on A then there is less to go into B.

Honor Your Emotions and Influences. How did your awareness of your emotions and intentions develop into action or inaction? How did the compromise of what you meant to do and what happened make you feel? Looking past your reactions to the intentions can reveal volumes about personal progression and health.