Cynics Vs. Skeptics- Misunderstandings Made Clear

Cynics and skeptics are often clumped into the same ideological family, though they are distinctly unique. While they share the same auxiliary definition of ‘doubtful mood’ they are radically different ideologies. Cynics believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons. To add to that, they also believe that humans are primitive and unable to move past our base instincts and wants. Cynicism shows the negative or uncontrollable aspects of a situation while significantly down playing any positivity or solutions.

Skeptics are of the school of thought that everything has to be questioned and nothing can be known for sure. This is a simple statement with huge implications. They are constantly questioning the purpose, intention, and effect of all aspects of life. Nothing is true until proven beyond any doubt. Skeptics admit inherent flaws in perception that make it so truth cannot be expressed by humans. A skeptic normally reserves judgement while probing for proof and validation.

Cynics begin arguments and positions on the idea that man is mal intended and nothing can change that. This approach immediately crushes any chance of growth in the idea of man. Furthermore these positions can not yield new answers or perspectives because the aspects of man have been decided. Skeptics would need proof that people are as people are. The subject matter would be thoroughly explored as every possibility was proven or disproven.

We live in a constantly changing time where the values and expressions of life are going to be inconsistent. If no one had questioned if we have to suffer then meditation would not have developed. Questions and the search for answers brought us new medicine and social change. If we hadn’t questioned or contentment for the European governments then we wouldn’t have founded America. Everyone should always questioning everything around them. If we accept that we are at the pinnacle of our development, then we are. We can always keep striving for greatness.

Skepticism is a productive line of thought to have at your disposal. Constantly re examining elements in life for usefulness and relevance will insure fresh ideas and reasons. I see no real applicable use for cynicism. I don’t need to be told I am a sum of animalistic selfishness or a school of thought that will never help me outgrow these aspects. I think its more important to subjectively ask what kind of person am I. A healthy, well adjusted person should be constantly asking questions and pressing the limits of comfort zones.