Powerful Visualization Technique With a Kick to Save Meditation Time

Behind any Visualization or Meditation techniques lies the ability to silence our vanity thoughts and to concentrate on visualizing certain images using our right brain.

There are different kinds of meditation and visualization modalities. You can find many different methods of meditations and ways to increase the quality of the meditation experience. Some people consider meditation to be a spiritual or religious practice while others think of it more in terms of being self-help, mind enhancing technique. As there are more than one truth, each meditation method has its relevance and use.

This article will offer a simple yet powerful visualization meditation technique that has been tested in practice and some say that it has certain healing powers as well.

This exceptional visualization technique has a powerful kick to it and uses symbols that everyone can relate to. Think of this technique as nano-technology of meditation. It involves the work of both human brain hemispheres and helps to bring the flow of energy into harmony. The suggested images in the animation help your brain to visualize the symbols and send them to the higher levels of consciousness to serve as a reference point for bringing your energy bodies into balance. Visualization is the true language that Nature uses to communicate with us. Any language is just an interpretation of the visual images or concepts that we want other people to understand.

In the beginning of the animation there is a tree with naked branches without leaves. The trunk of the tree is in a form of a human DNA string. When following the images in the visualization technique imagine your body as the tree. The technique starts with an image of leafless tree, standing on a hill with a frozen lake beneath it (the lake of your frozen potential). The rays of sun reach the crown of the tree and go through the tree to give warmth to the ground and roots of the tree. The warmth from the sun rays allows the roots to breathe in the underground water and breathe out through the green leaves that appear. The tree becomes essential part of the Photosynthesis process. It breathes in the rays of sun (just like our human body does) which go through the tree and help to turn the ice beneath the roots into water and breathes the water out through the tree leaves. This process goes on until the underground ice turns into water and the sun comes out from the above to greet the tree. Then, there is a kick to this visualization technique which will be explained after the animation:

The sudden rooster scream helps the human brain to shift into an impulse mode and send the images, that hopefully were created in the mind by following the visualization meditation technique, to your subconscious mind or as some call higher levels of consciousness. The sharp sound pin points the visualization on the energy Field and the right brain receives a symbolic process map of how energy should be flowing through the body (or DNA cells). This technique uses all four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air to help the energy flow through the fifth element – the tree of life.

This is one of the Infosomatic visualization techniques, it can be used to effectively enhance breathing exercises, quickly bring the energy flow to balance before and after yoga class or even stop an anxiety attack. Similar set of images that are used in the animation can be found in other guided meditation techniques. At first you might need to watch the video to conduct the technique, however, as soon as your visualization skills get better, you can just play the animation in your head. The best thing about this technique is that it takes just about a minute and can really save your meditation time or quickly straighten your energy flow when you need it.