The Aka Meditation: 4 Steps

A few years ago, I had an appointment with an energy healer who also sometimes transmits helpful verbal messages she ‘receives’ for her clients. In one healing session, she uttered the following message for me: Individual cells need to be connected to all the cells. In other words, somehow, I needed to create interconnectivity between my cells.

That night as I lay in bed in a somewhat meditative state, I came up with the following method for creating this interconnectivity. Over time, I have tried to modify it by eliminating or reordering some of the steps. All attempts at modification have failed to yield the same result.

When I follow the simple procedure described below, I can achieve a most amazing state of internal vibration and interconnectivity, which I believe is also related to energy procedures sometimes used to induce an out-of-body experience. Usually I can hold an intensified vibrational state for a minute or so — sometimes less. Even in such small doses, however, I feel this vibration has important healing properties. Afterwards, my body feels super energized — sometimes nearly orgasmic. I can feel positive effects for at least a day. I usually perform this meditation in bed at night. Even when I fail to achieve the full state of vibratory interconnectivity, I find that I often fall asleep in the process of performing it — so it is useful for that purpose as well.

I have grown to call this meditation the Aka Meditation. I first learned the word “Aka” — used by Hawaiian kahunas (shamans) — and its meaning from the book Spiritwalker by Hank Wesselman. Aka “threads” are considered to interconnect everything to each other on the etheric and even higher levels of the human energy bodies.

“…[E]verything in the universe is connected to everything else through a vast net or web formed by these aka threads… These connections can be brought into being both by thoughts and intentions– they are ‘activated’ by attention. Sustained concentration, such as that practiced during meditation, theoretically increases the strength or volume of the contact.” — Hank Wesselman, Spiritwalker

It is my sense that the Aka Meditation, described below, is extremely powerful — so I wanted to share it with all of you. Over the past few years, I have continued to explore the cosmology of Hawaiian shamanism (also called Huna) and will be contributing more articles about it to Expanded Consciousness. I am currently writing a new book that conveys many ideas described in Active Consciousness through the very practical lens of Huna.

The Aka Meditation
This meditation can be performed sitting, lying, or standing. I personally prefer lying.

1) Lie on your back with your hands at your side.

2) Visualize energy accumulating at the top of your head. When you feel the ‘energy ball’ at the top of your head, bring it down your spine and to the bottom of your feet. Then bring it back up to the top of your head. Perform this sweep several times.

3) Energetically visualize and feel the following interconnections within your body, in the following order. Do not move on to the next interconnection until you feel each one solidly:

  • * Between one shoulder and the opposite foot. (For example, L shoulder and R foot)
  • * Between the other shoulder and opposite foot.
  • * Between your two feet.
  • * Between your two knees.
  • * Between your two hips.
  • * Between your two hands.
  • * Between your two elbows.
  • * Between your two shoulders.

4) Now comes the critical final step. Visualize the inside of your head as an interconnected web of energy — kind of a like three-dimensional spider web. Maintain a slight sense of pressure in your head while doing so.

At this point, if you are successful, the strong feeling of interconnection and vibration within your head will instantly spread throughout your body. Try to maintain it as long as you can. Focusing on the sense of pressure and interconnectivity in your head helps. You should feel a sensation of tingling and interconnectivity throughout your body. You may also experience the following sensations:

  • * A kind of stiffness or paralysis in your body.
  • * A sensation that it is a bit hard to breathe (but you will be able to breathe).

I believe this practice can be significant and healing, so try it out!

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