The Science of Smudging: How Sage Can Cleans Bacteria In the Air

When it comes to burning stuff in the home, not everyone is always on board. While some folks enjoy lighting the occasional incense or even smudging their homes with smoking sage, others would be caught dead lighting anything on fire within their home, let alone waving the smoke around in every room.

Smudging a home with sage is a practice that is about as old as man, and many people still do it today. Of course, the practice has many religious and spiritual ties, as it was thought to promote solidarity within a group, as well as remove any negative spiritual or emotional energy that has built up in a space or dwelling.

Even though this practice has been around since the dawn of time, a good number of people are still skeptical that it actually does anything.

Well, it turns out that smudging your home isn’t just a way to remove negative energy or spirits,one study has found.

Published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology under the title “Medicinal Smokes,” the research looked at various different herbal and non-herbal “remedies” that are practiced by burning different substances. Using information from 50 different countries across 5 continents, they determined that most people use smoke to promote lung, brain and skin health, but that the smoke also doubles as an air purifier.

Following up on their research, the team published another paper in the same journal, explaining that the burning of medicinal herbs helped remove 94% of airborne bacteria in a space, and that the space was still ‘clean’ even a day later. When they checked back after a month, the space still lacked almost all of the pathogens they had ‘burned’ out on that first day.

This research has many practical applications for people around the world. At the moment, air quality in both developed and undeveloped regions of the world is horrendous, containing about1800 different bacterial types.

This thought becomes even scarier when we factor in the possibility of antibacterial-resistant strains of bacteria, a concern that has health professionals all over the world worried.

Similar methods of air purification often use a mix of chemicals that don’t really work as well as advertised. Smudging seems to be a great alternative when it comes to cleansing your home or living space!

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