New Flying Bike Seeks to Make Your Commute a Little Better

I used to work a 9-to-5 job that required an hour commute both to and from the office located in downtown Denver, and I absolutely loathed it.

Those of you out there who have a daily commute know just how awful it can be, and those of you who have a daily commute in a big city area really know just how awful it can be, because you’ve had a few instances where pulling your hair out while screaming at the top of your lungs seemed like the only way to cope.

Well, we won’t have to worry about the drudgery of long commutes in unbearable lines of traffic anymore because the world’s first flying bicycle has been made and it’s offering to put us 4,000 feet above all of the nonsense happening on the roads.

Yannick Readand John Foden, the British co-designers of the flying bicycle, have dubbed their new invention the ‘Paravelo.’

“If you have a thirst for adventure, but are without the storage space or bank balance large enough for a helicopter, then the Paravelo is for you,” Read says.

“It works by combining the traditional folding bicycle with a lightweight trailer carrying a powerful fan.”

Read notes that the entire ensemble is highly mobile, as all of the parts are small enough and light enough to be taken on public transportation or stored in an office or apartment.

The bike is capable of reaching flight in any open space, can travel 15 mph on ground, 25 mph in the air, and can reach an altitude of up to 4,000 feet.

Unfortunately, there are very strict regulations for flying through urban areas, which means that we aren’t likely going to be able to fly through the city anytime soon.

But the Paravelo can be flown without a license and doesn’t require any formal training (even though Read says that flying with little to no experience is a bad idea.)

You can check out the Paravelo Kickstarter fundraising page here, and visit their website to learn more about the bike and how to get one.

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