Transparent Solar Cell Has Potential to Turn Windows Into Power Source

Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a type of solar energy cell that is transparent, meaning it can be implemented on windows and screens.  This was previously believed to be impossible, as transparent surfaces are not usually capable of absorbing light.

In order to create this transparent solar cell, researchers utilized a system called a TLSC, or transparent luminescent solar concentrator.  This system works through the use of organic salts that are capable of absorbing specific non-visible wavelengths of UV and infrared light.  Once absorbed, the light is directed to traditional photovoltaic solar cells that convert the energy to electricity.

This is a breakthrough in solar energy technology, as this new material can be used for windows, electronic screen displays, and other transparent surfaces, providing huge potential for extended energy life.

Dead phone?  Let it soak up some sun for a little while and it’s good to go.  That’s the direction we’re headed.

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