Alaskan Mom Who Built a Stunning Tiny Home Offers Up the Blueprints for Free!

While humans may often get a bad rap for all of the crappy things we do to the environment, we’re pretty amazing creatures the rest of the time. When we really put our minds to it, we can solve almost any problem and achieve even the most daunting of feats.

Take Ana White, for example. This woman is a stay-at-home mom, blogger and self-taught carpenter who runs a DIY blog that offers up free plans and blueprints for some pretty amazing projects.

Her most recent project, called “Quartz,” is a stunning little tiny home that rests in a remote part of Alaska. One quick look inside of White’s tiny home reveals an elegantly beautiful and simple solution to building a shelter one can call ‘home.’ And White knows first-hand that you don’t need to be a carpenter to build a home like hers. You simply need some directions and a bit of guidance.

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