This Plastic Bag Dissolves in Water, and Its Creator Drinks It to Prove It’s Safe

Have you ever wondered how many plastic bags you’ve used in your lifetime? Each trip to the grocery store can see you taking home anywhere from one or two bags to upwards of ten bags, depending on your grocery store haul. And those numbers add up quickly.

Plastic pollution is a very real thing. In fact, we’ve created more plastic in the last ten years than the entire previous century. We only recycle about 5% of the plastic that is produced, and each year we throw away enough plastic to circle the entire planet at least four times.

Which is what makes Kevin Kumala’s new cassava starch bag something we absolutely cannot wait for. This man has created a plastic bag that is 100% biodegradable AND edible. That’s right, you can eat this bag if you want.

Kumala shows us just how true his claims are by tearing off a piece of a bag and dissolving it in lukewarm water, and then drinking it. The idea might seem gross, but the point that it proves is quite significant. Think about how many bags will simply dissolve once they’ve found their way into the ocean. This is a game-changer!

 And, there’s a good chance you’ll start seeing these bags pop up in your area soon–the manufacturer of the cassava starch bag is taking orders from restaurants and hotels! Keep an eye out for them.

h/t Business Insider

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