Unexplainable and Creepy: Strange Skeletons Found in Basement of London Orphanage

Sometimes the things you find in the dark and untouched realms of the world are best left alone.  Like the basement of an old London orphanage.  Scheduled for demolition, this building served as home to a collection of nightmarish, otherwordly artifacts.  A collection that belonged to one Thomas Merrylin.


  • WD, not trying to pile here at all, but the following “I don’t think that there is much justification for the US military unless it is “on the Ma¬¢#Ãcâ‚r?.&h8221; is pretty provocative and leads to many serious questions, questions for which you are not responsible for answering if this is in fact the situation. But just as a point of clarification, were you being serious or being ironic? I currently have eight questions and mounting, but I think I’ll just hang out and ponder upon this for a while. Best to you WD and your willingness and courage to speak openly is not something to discourage.

  • das klingt genauso wie ich es erwartet habe. nun gut, dann werd ich wohl diesen samstag los stiefeln und mir portal 2 doch noch diesen monat beenogsr. was ich vom koop gesehen habe, gefällt mir auch schon sehr gut, ich bleibe gespannt.

  • You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inercdible!

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