Why Trump’s Presidency Is Already Starting to Look Tragic, and He’s Not Even in Office Yet

President-elect Donald Trump is set to take the official oath of office and be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20th, 2017. That’s a mere five weeks away. He’s not even in office yet and his presidential decisions are already starting to spell disaster for America.

Of course, no one can predict the future, as we found out during the 2016 elections. But, if you’ve been paying attention to his cabinet appointments, you know that they’re anything but rational, smart decisions for the American people.

The man who convinced a good portion of Americans that he would somehow be “anti-establishment” is now showing just how anti-establishment he truly is–by filling his cabinet with people who have a combined wealth of $14.5 billion.

Let’s take a quick look at some of Trump’s decisions leading up to his special day.

Trump’s chief counselor has said that he doesn’t think it would be a terrible thing if fewer African-Americans voted. Court documents also show that he told his wife that he didn’t want his children to be in school alongside Jewish children. This same man also runs a website whose main audience consists of the most racist folks in America.

Trump’s national security adviser recently took to Twitter to subtly imply that conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton’s ties to human and child sex trafficking are true. Michael Flynn has alsoreferred to Islam as a “malignant cancer” and “political ideology.” General Flynn’s son, who is, unsurprisingly, also his chief of staff, has taken to Twitter to defend his dad’s conspiracy theorytweets as well.

To head the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump has appointed a man who has tried to sue the EPA twice in attempts to keep the organization from protecting the environment, and who has bragged openly that he is a “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

Trump’s new attorney general was denied a position as a federal judge by the Senate in 1986 for being too racist–a time when apartheid was still up in the air as to whether or not it was really that terrible.

Trump’s new secretary of housing and urban development has absolutely no background or experience in either of those areas. His education secretary has spent her entire life working to pick apart her state’s public school system. And his new Treasury secretary had to foreclose on thousands of homes when the housing crisis hit (which was a major factor in the following economic depression).

Starting to see a trend yet?

Even if we give each of these new appointments the benefit of the doubt (which, admittedly, is incredibly hard to do), that leaves us with Donald Trump himself. It’s been quite obvious for some time that Trump is an inexperienced politician with enough ignorance to legitimately pose a threat to America’s best interests.

Trump’s interests are purely of the nature you would expect: business. And he has his hand in business interests around the globe.

Foreign diplomats have already started planning events at Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C., and his daughter, Ivanka, took part in a meeting between Trump and Japan’s prime minister just as she was sealing a deal with a Japanese clothing company that is partially owned by the state itself.

Trump has already begun to use his new status and title to attack citizens of the United States who oppose his views and publicly denounce him, something that sounds oddly similar to things that have happened in Russia.

Trump took to Twitter to harass Alec Baldwin, the actor who portrayed Trump in a comedy skit onSaturday Night Live, after he didn’t like the job Baldwin did. He openly threatened to get rid of a contract with aerospace giant, Boeing, causing their stock to plummet within hours–all because Boeing’s CEO disagreed with Trump’s trade policy and pointed out that Trump’s characterization of the contract was a lie.

He openly disregards even the most basic of our constitutional rights and has even begun to use his new power to openly criticize the press for doing their jobs–that is, to report on everything he says or does. In other words, don’t quote him on anything because he doesn’t like that.

As the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. Except in this case, it appears we’re watching a child, not a duck.

A child who cannot stand to be made fun of by anyone, a child who openly says he is going to attack those who oppose him, a child who will take away our basic rights–and we just put him in charge of the most powerful country in the world.

If you’re not familiar with the term “fascism,” now would be a good time to learn something new, because that’s what America is shaping up to be: a fascist state “run by incompetents, racists, bullies and conspiracy-mongers.”

The worst part? No one thinks that America is going to change, just like it never has. We can only hope, for the sake of everyone, that America does not change into the America that Donald Trump is slowly starting to piece together.

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