5 Unexplainable and Mysterious Objects Throughout History


History buffs often get a bad rap as being some of the most boring people you can talk to, but we think that’s kind of silly considering mankind’s history is so rich and diverse, and full of mysteries that have yet to be solved.

Historians spend their lives piecing together the giant puzzle that is mankind’s history, and as one might imagine, there are bits and pieces of it that make absolutely zero sense.

Here are five mysterious historical objects that many people speculate about, but no one truly knows how or why they exist:

The Genetic Disc
This mysterious artifact was made from an incredibly strong material that has yet to be reproduced and has images carved into it that many believe to be the process of a human embryo’s different life stages.

Not only are the inscriptions somewhat bizarre, but the true mystery lies in how such an ancient civilization would have got their hands on a material that is stronger than many of the materials we use today.

Incan Golden Figurines
The Incan golden figurines appear to mimic South American animals, but upon their discovery, many people said that they also looked like some type of aircraft or flying machine. Their true inspiration may never be known, but a couple people have at least tested the theory behind them being designs for machines that could fly.

Algund Eeboom and Peter Belting, two German model aircraft builders, decided to replicate the figurines on a much bigger scale to see if they would fly as well as many people thought they would.

After being fitted with a couple of engines and radio control configurations, not only were the figurines able to leave the ground successfully, but they had superior in flight capabilities and even managed to perform certain maneuvers after their engines had been turned off.

The Baghdad Battery
This intriguing object seems to indicate that ancient Mesopotamians had engineered an electricity-producing device long before electricity was even being thought of by folks like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin.

The 13-centimeter jar discovered by archaeologists digging just outside of Baghdad had a corroded iron rod jammed through the middle of it. Surrounding the iron rod was a copper cylinder.

After examining the device, experts believe that it indeed is a battery of sorts that was once capable of producing a 1-volt electrical current. However, no one knows how such technology was lost and why no one has ever found anything like it in the surrounding areas.

The Voynich Manuscript
Some have called the Voynich Manuscript the “most mysterious book in the world.” What makes it so mysterious? Well to start, it features an alphabetical language that no one in the world has ever seen (and one that no one has been able to decipher) and no one knows who wrote it. On top of that, its chock-full of bizarre symbols and illustrations.

It remains a complete mystery to everyone on Earth today, even professional cryptographers.

The Giant Stone Spheres – Costa Rica
Discovered by workers clearing out parts of the jungle in the 1930s, these massive, perfectly spherical stone balls remain shrouded in mystery due to their perfect composition and the fact that no one knows where they came from or what they were used for.

Legends from the region boldly claimed that there was likely gold inside of them, but after blowing them to pieces using explosives, nothing was ever found inside of them.

Theories surrounding the spheres include that they were used by an ancient culture as symbols of celestial bodies or perhaps as giant markers to indicate boundary lines between different tribes’ territories.

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