Doctor Shares Quick and Easy Technique for Treating Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo is one of the most common types of dizziness that people experience on a regular basis and it stems from a variety of different problems typically seen in one’s ears, brain or sensory nerves. Many people associate the feeling with heights due to the similar effect that is caused when looking downward from a particularly high viewpoint.

Luckily, Dr. Carol Foster has figured out a technique that gets rid of vertigo quickly and effectively. She’s even put the technique on YouTube for everyone to benefit from, and thus far, it has over 2.5 million views–something that really illustrates just how important such a technique is for those who suffer from the condition.

Dr. Foster calls the method the “half-somersault maneuver,” and people all over the world have had great success when using it.

First, find some space for you to perform the technique and rest on your knees. Start by tilting your head upward and look towards the ceiling. Then, move your head down toward the ground as if you were about to somersault over. Once your head is on the ground, turn and look at your left elbow. Let the dizziness fade and then bring your head upward to the same level as your back, and then wait a bit more for any dizziness to leave you. Finally, once you’ve done these steps, quickly sit back into a seated position.

Vertigo might not seem like such a debilitating condition, but for those who have to experience it on a routine basis, it can be quite a nightmare. Sue Rickers had such terrible episodes of vertigo that she was unable to do anything once it had taken over.

“I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t walk, I had to hold on to the wall,” Rickers recalls. “It was very, very scary.”

For Sue, her stints of vertigo lasted not just hours, but sometimes days before finally easing up. As you can imagine, she’s quite excited about the prospect of having a quick and easy trick that will help her get rid of her vertigo almost instantly.

“It worked,” she said. “It worked the very first time!”

If you or any loved ones suffer from vertigo and have struggled to find any sort of ways to treat it, please share so they might benefit from Dr. Foster’s amazing new technique!

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