Most Important Trait Every Man Needs To Have In A Relationship

The idea of Emotional Intelligence was first presented by two Yale psychologists in 1990 and explores a person’s ability to recognize emotions in themselves and others, to apply emotions to tasks, as well as the ability to manage their emotions and the emotions of others. But how does this apply to a relationship? In long-term relationships, especially ones revolving around the creation and raising of children, a woman tends to be much more emotionally, physically and financially invested in any relationship involving children.



A man has to be able to recognize his own emotions. This requires some self-awareness and introspection about his own emotional state. He has to know deep down who and what he is. He also has to be able to recognize other people’s emotional states through body language, vocal tone, and facial cues. If a man cannot recognize his own emotions or the emotions of others, then he will make emotionally inappropriate remarks or actions during very emotional times. With low EI, he may make jokes at a funeral or get upset over nothing.


We all have changing moods or good and bad days. Someone with a high EI will be able to recognize when they are in a mood or emotionally upset and use those emotions in order to get things done without upsetting those around them. They will channel that emotional energy into something productive or work on something in a more emotionally conducive environment.


A man has to be able to understand the emotional states of those around him. Relationships are emotionally complicated and a man has to understand how emotions evolve over time and be sensitive to small variations.


A man has to be able to manage his emotions and harness them appropriately. Emotions are a powerful source of energy, and unchecked emotions can be a virtual volcano destroying every relationship around them. A man who manages his emotions well can take that volcano and turn it into a geothermal power station, providing warmth and power to those around him.

People with high emotional intelligence manifest that through kindness, sincerity, affection and empathy. In a relationship, these traits are crucial to its success.


If a man is kind and generous to those around him, especially to those unable to benefit him directly, he shows that he is not just another emotional vampire. Kind people tend to attract other kind people. A kind man will give back as much or more than they take in a relationship.


A sincere man recognizes his own emotions and is unafraid to express them to his partner. Being able to express real and honest emotions is a valuable tool in a relationship. Sincerity means the man is emotionally available and willing to risk being hurt in order to deepen the relationship.