President Trump’s Attorney General Will Continue The Surveillance State

Following his victory in the U.S. Presidential election, Donald J. Trump began the process of nominating candidates for various positions in his administration. Trump’s picks so far been

more of the same – banksters with Goldman Sachs, a patron of the Oilgarchy (and Bilderberger), criminals, and other various authoritarians. But perhaps his most criticized nomination has been Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Sessions’ nomination will be put to vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 24.

Sessions is a junior Senator from Alabama who has recently become a darling of the growing Alt-Right/Extreme-Right wing of the Republican Party. Media reports have so far focused on the possibility that Sessions anti-cannabis and pro-Drug War voting record would lead to a massive growth of arrests for victimless crimes like drug use. Sessions has also been attacked as a possible racist, or at the least, unfriendly towards equality laws. Finally, Senator Jeff Sessions’ past comments regarding immigration have some activists worried about how he will enforce immigration policy as Attorney General.
Each of these issues deserves your time and research so you may develop a more informed opinion regarding Jeff Sessions’ stances. However, I wish to take a moment to focus on Sessions’ views on surveillance and how that view will play into the issues mentioned above. In a new report, the Center for Democracy & Technology focuses on the senator’s voting record and comments on the government’s use of surveillance. His actions and comments should have all lovers of liberty concerned.