Avoiding Facebook Scams And Hoaxes

See Who’s Viewing Your Profile

One of the most common tricks is advertised as a Facebook app that allows you to see who’s viewing your profile or “Find out who’s stalking you”. It’s easy to fall for this scam, everyone is naturally curious to find out who is going on his or her profile. Most people want to know who is interested in them. Unfortunately however, clicking these links only direct you to malicious websites or apps. As part of their privacy policy, Facebook would never allow you to see who has been on your profile, and no legitimate third party app claiming to do this exists.

Dying Child Hoax

These hoaxes are designed to play with your heartstrings. They often involve sharing a picture of a sick child claiming that “liking” or sharing the image will get the child the life saving operation they require. In reality, the post means nothing and all you are doing is circulating a picture of a sick child that could be causing more heartache for the family than any good. Often the picture will be old and the child could already be deceased, which is obviously distressing for anyone who knew him or her. You are better off only sharing campaigns where you know who is involved and can guarantee its authenticity.

Fake Celebrity Videos

These hoaxes lure you in by providing a link to a video that claims a celebrity is doing something outrageous. Once you are lured into clicking play, you will be made to share the video and then directed to a malicious app where you will be asked to give permission for them to access your profile. If you click Accept, they will use your account to spam your friends with similar videos that you will be unable to prevent. After all this, the video you wanted to see in the first place doesn’t even exist. Always check for a reliable source before clicking on such a link, especially if it has an attention grabbing headline.

Facebook Charging Money

Facebook has been a free service since its creation and even states it “is free and always will be”. There have been countless hoaxes claiming Facebook is going to start charging its users, sometimes involving detailed pricing costs and confirmed by the ‘news’. It claims you have to share their notification on your wall to become exempt from the charges. This is all nonsense. No matter how reputable the claim may seem, Facebook will not charge you for its use.

Fake Apps

You may see advertisements for apps which can add new features to your Facebook, such as adding a ‘dislike’ button to people’s posts. In fact, this is just a script, which takes over you account and spams your friends with various events & pages. No third party app will be able to affect the features of Facebook. Updates will come directly from Facebook themselves, and if you cannot tell if it’s legit or not, it probably isn’t.