Getting Over The Fear Of Flying



1. It is important to understand the facts. Getting in your car and driving is far more dangerous than going on a plane journey. Statistically, there is a 0.00001% chance that the plane you are in will crash. This puts the chances of surviving your next flight at 99.9999815%. Pretty good odds.

2. Practice relaxation techniques. There are plenty of breathing exercises, mental exercises as well as relaxation tapes and help guides. Remaining calm when you are on the plane can be half the battle, and once you have mastered this you might just enjoy it!

3. Fly continuously. When you are booking your tickets, try and get flights without a layover so you can get straight to your destination and get the journey out the way. Statistically most crashes happen on take off or landing, so you can put your mind at ease if you take off and land once.

4. Medicate. There are plenty of medications out there for you to purchase over the counter that will help your fear. They can calm you down and even help you sleep so you miss the whole journey! You can be prescribed calming drugs such as Xanex that will help with the journey, but medication such as this should always be considered a last resort.

5. Go for it. You will only conquer your fear if you get face to face and confront it. Don’t avoid flying, practice the previous steps on flight and do this as much as you can. It might seem far away, but you’ll be amazed at the sense of self gratification you feel when you get over your fear and this will have positive effects in all aspects of your life.

Remember: You won’t be cured after your first flight. Take things slow with shorter, more manageable flights and once you build confidence move on to longer ones. It takes a different amount of time for everyone but with these pointers you will soon be accustomed to flying.