How To Save Money Eating On A Road Trip

Step 1: Eat at a buffet. From Chinese restaurants to Pizza Hut, buffets can be a great way to save money. At restaurants where you pay for a dish, you can often be left out of pocket and with room still left in your belly. Most buffets range from around $5-15 to eat, which is great value for a stomach stuffing meal. Granted the food might not be the best quality available, but when you are on a budget you will find it hard to argue with the money after you’ve stuffed yourself full!

Step 2: Fast food. This is obviously not the healthiest option and shouldn’t be eaten every day, but you can’t argue with the value. You can always find items on the menu; such as the breakfast yoghurt parfait form McDonalds, that are fairly healthy and cost under a dollar. Be sure to check out the whole menu to locate the salads or other healthy options. You are never too far from a fast food restaurant so keep an eye out.

Step 3: Buy dry & canned food. The cheapest way of eating is doing it yourself. By stocking up on pasta, cereal and canned foods, you can use the kitchen in your motel/hotel to prepare them and save a whole heap of money.

Step 4: Meet people. This point might sound strange and unrealistic, but meeting people and making new friends can be the most rewarding part of a road trip. You can go out to eat with them or they may even invite you round for dinner! Who could argue with new friends and free food?

Remember: It’s important to form a plan of when you should spend a bit more on eating something you really like. Saving money may be necessary to keep the trip going, but it’s also important to enjoy yourself. These treat days may just make saving money worth it.