How To Save Money Travelling In Europe





Step 1: Don’t pack too much. Although the weight limit on trans Atlantic flights is constantly declining, 50 pounds is still plenty for your trip. Remember to travel around Europe you will be in taxis, buses, trains and planes. Some of these will have weight limits and if you have too much in your bag, you will pay the price. Packing lightly won’t just save your money, lugging a huge weight around Europe will take its toll on your body, and your back will definitely be pleased about your decision to do so.

Step 2: Pick the right transport. If your plan is to travel between multiple cities, many people think the train is the easiest & quickest option, but often this is not the case. Try and look for other routes, such as bus or plane. You could save yourself time and money by doing so. Europe is filled with extremely low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet, which offer one-way flights at surprisingly low prices. It’s always important to consider every option, so look up prices and check out forums for the best ways to get around.

Step 3: Eating. This is where saving money can also give you a better experience. You went to Europe to immerse yourself in the local customs and get a feel for the countries first hand, so eating local customs at smaller places is the best for both of your goals. Don’t eat at your hotel or at chain restaurants, you’ll find the smaller local places serve better food at cheaper prices. Check out local markets for fresh food you can prepare at the kitchen in your hotel/hostel. If the locals are eating it, you should always give it a try. American specialities such as Starbucks and other chains can be up to double the price they are at home, so forget about them until you’re back and embrace the culture!

Step 4: Stay Out The City Centre: If you are travelling by car there is no need to stay right in the centre. You’ll find prices for food, accommodation and parking are much lower out of the city centre, and Europe offers some of the best public transport there is. You won’t struggle to find a bus, train or metro that can take you to the centre at a low cost. Ask people that work at your hotel/hostel and locals for the best way to get around.

Step 5: Use public transport passes. There are usually multiple comprehensive public transport services in European cities. They will offer single and return tickets, but it is always best to look for deals they have on offer. Multiple day and week passes can save you a lot of money, particularly if you are going to be using public transport a lot. As well as this, it’s always good to have a method of transport to fall back on if you run out or lose your money.