6 Common Things All Narcissists Do

Narcissists are some of the most abusive manipulators that you could ever have the misfortune of being involved with on a personal level.

They will commit to making sure they have everything they need even if it means destroying intimate relationships with their friends or family in order to get exactly what they want.

There is not much a narcissistic person wont do for them to feel good about themselves or anything that could possibly boost their ego that much more than it already is.

It is important that you identify these toxic traits to a narcissist that you may be heavily involved with before it becomes too late for you to come back from the experience unscathed or undamaged.

1. Blame You For Everything

One of the many qualities of a narcissist is that they will blame you for just about everything that you can think of.

Especially when it comes to your feelings, because if you decide to suddenly confront them on the way that they are making you feel then they will turn the tables around and tell you that it was your fault the entire time for feeling that way.

If you are not constantly lavishing them in praise or over-exaggerated positive feedback then they will call you a liar, a sneak, or anything else to avoid receiving any kind of negative criticism.

They are never the person you should blame simply because they feel as if nothing is ever their fault.

2. Can Hold A Grudge

Narcissists are some of the most vindictive beings that you could ever meet and they know how to hold a grudge when they want too.

The only time that they ever feel as if they need to hold a grudge on someone is as if you are asking for the simplest of things, like a healthy/normal relationship with them.

If you even come at them with the slightest bit of “inconvenience” they will tear you down and make sure that you are properly punished for your obtuse suggestions.

The more time you allow them to stew in their resentment, the more intense it will become.

3. Have More Than One Face

This is exactly how it sounds, narcissists have more than just one face that they like to display to the public. There is the “fake” face they put on which is the one they like to use most when they want something specific from the people around them.

Then there is their “real” face which is the ugly one that surfaces after someone has provoked them in whatever way they claim unacceptable. Most of the time, they rotate these two faces but are often known to create more identities depending on the people they meet over time.

4. Always Unimpressed With You And Others

Narcissists hardly ever give praise to anyone else if that wasn’t obvious enough. However, there is a certain kind of unimpressed demeanor they always have whenever they are with you. Especially when it comes to being with you specifically.

If you haven’t noticed by now the way that this person treats you way differently than anyone else, this is because they like to diminish your self-esteem and anything else that makes you happy.

The longer they are able to keep you down about yourself the more vulnerable you are to their manipulative ways. This means they are able to sink into your head with the horrible words they say and make you do anything it takes for them to praise you finally.