6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Quit Having Sex

Your vagina becomes tighter.

The middle school rumors were wrong. Not having sex doesn’t cause the vagina to ‘tighten back up’. The sensation of tightness has nothing to do with the number of your sexual partners.

If anything in periods of abstinence, the vaginal muscles forget how to relax. Don’t worry they’ll remember pretty quickly!

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Men Are More Likely To Have Erectile Dysfunction.

Men experiencing a ‘dry spell’ are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than those who have intercourse regularly. Regular sexual intercourse has a positive long term effect on a man’s equipment.

Your Immune System Will Suffer

Sexual activity has been proven many times over to positively boost the immune system. Masturbation can help but the full blown act of sex is necessary to prompt your body to actively fight off infections and sickness.

Your Libido Will Drop

This topic comes with a little argument. Some experts say that regular sexual activity keeps the libido strong. Abstinence may lead to less sexual desire and drive. Others say the opposite. I say it’s a very personal matter and up to the individual.

You May Be More Stressed

Sex is a great activity for stress relief and tension reduction. Higher stress can lead to higher blood pressure and general social strains.

Cardiovascular Health Might Suffer

Unless you are working out often and regularly, sex may have been the way to keep your body in shape and healthy. Now that you’re not getting laid your heart muscles and hormones may be out of whack.