Keeping Your Family Car Clean and Organized

Evacuate Lingering Smells

Make a concoction of half water, half vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Find those areas in your car that stink and apply a few sprays of your concoction. Then sprinkle baking soda over the spot, wait for the whole thing to dry and vacuum the area. This might seem a bit obscure but it works. If you want to maintain a fresh smell keep fresh herbs or air fresheners strategically placed under seats. It doesn’t hurt to keep a bottle of deodorizer in the car for emergencies either.

Clean Windows 

Those fingerprints on your windows can be the most annoying aspect of a dirty car. To quickly get rid of them, use some wet wipes to wipe the inside of your window. If you have glass cleaner, spray it onto a cloth and wipe in a circular motion to avoid streaks. Avoid using ammonia on tinted windows as you can affect the colour or even crack them.

Stop Mass Spillages

Carrying groceries in your car can sometimes lead to disaster. The last thing you want is your shopping getting hurled around in the back of your car and spilling everywhere. Using some netting material, install a hammock style system to keep it all together in one place and off the floor of the trunk. This will also help to keep toys and sports gear organized when you don’t have groceries.

Assign A Place For Everything

Your car will most likely have different compartments and pockets to keep things stored- use them to your advantage. Make sure your kids specifically know where food, sports equipment, toys, games and coats go. The more you maintain this system, the more organized your car will become.

Soak Up Spillages 

Liquid spillages are probably the most common mishaps in the car, but they are also the easiest to clean if you act fast. Keep a cloth in your car so when they happen you can immediately gently press the spill with it to soak up the moisture. You should then scrub & rinse it with a damp towel to avoid stains. Fro stains that are already set in, use some stain remover that is suitable for cars.

Fight Crumbs

There’s no better way of preventing crumbs gathering in the seats than banning eating in the car altogether. If you don’t want to implement that system, you can always keep a hand held vacuum in the car to immediately get rid of the food remnants and stop them from building up. To protect the seats, use a blanket or towel to cover them. This way the crumbs won’t end up in hard to reach places.

Collect Trash

Keeping a leak proof bag, bucket or any other implement to act as a bin is great for collecting trash and stopping it from building. Having a permanent bin in your car will mean your kids always knows where trash goes and it won’t end up on the floor.

Get Tough On Mud

When you find mud on your seats, floor or any other unwanted location, always scrape off as much as you can before dealing with it. Use a thin flat surface to scrape excess mud off and then vacuum the area. If the mud is still not gone, use a wet towel with sudsy water to scrub until clean, then rinse with clean water. For leather, use approved wipes and cleaners and always make sure you take the foot mats out of the car before you do anything.