Life Proof Your Gadgets In 8 Steps

The Tough Jacket 

The best protection against dropping and smashing your gadgets is with the ballistic tough jacket. It is comprised of three layers. The inside and outside layers are shock absorbers to protect against smashing screens and dislodged circuitry. The middle layer is an impact resistant hard plastic. The corners of your gadgets are usually the weakest point so they are heavily protected. There is a removable cover to protect the screen that also doubles as a stand to prop your gadget up. The ballistic tough jacket is made to protect the iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

G Form Extreme

If you are someone who is constantly dropping your phone, this is the perfect protection gadget for you. G Form have a line of slim, flexible and extremely protective covers that are also lightweight to protect you from breaking your phone the next time you drop it.  Made for various iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets, the sides are raised on the front of the case to prevent the dreaded cracked screen many smart phone users have experienced.

Gumdrop’s Drop Tech Series

The Drop Tech case by Gumdrop provides comprehensive protection for your gadgets. The screen cover and port protector make your device splash protected, whilst the shell of the case is multi layered, offering brilliant shock protection. This case is designed with you dropping your gadget in mind, and made specifically to protect from such a mishap. It is made for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 among many more.

Kindle Fire HD- OtterBox Defender

Specifically designed for the Kindle Fire HD, this case is what every user needs to be ready for anything. This case will fully protect from bumps and scrapes using its polycarbonate inner shell and silicone exterior that will absorb it all. The silicone outer layer will also grip to almost any surface, meaning it won’t slip off a smooth surface any time soon.


Everyone knows that liquid is every gadgets mortal enemy. Once it gets into your device it will short circuit the electronics rendering it unusable. The Liquipel promises to end those days. It involved applying an invisible coating to your device that incorporates a self-sealing Nano coating that will protect against spills, splashes and even submersion. You can buy products directly from Liquipel that have the coating applied or you can send off your device for them to do it for you. They cover a whole range of phones, tablets, mp3 players and earphones.

Griffin Survivor Series

This is some truly extreme protection for your phone. Providing protection for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Kindle at Department of Defence standards, you’ll be safe dropping, scratching or scraping your phone accidentally. The shell is made of silicone and polycarbonate that absorbs the damage that can be caused from drops and bumps. The polycarbonate screen cover protects the entire screen whilst maintaining its usability. All vulnerable areas such as ports, volume controls and hold switch are covered to protect them from the elements.

IPhone 5- LifeProof Free

This case tries to break the mould with durable phone covers. They can have a reputation of being bulky and impractical, but this is neither. It is slim and lightweight yet provides military standard protection from water, dirt, dust as well as bumps and drops. The phone becomes “life proof” as it is encapsulated in the case, although it lets your device retain all function abilities.

Incipo Atlas

This is a case built for people who like to take their gadgets on their extreme adventures and don’t want to have to worry about them breaking in the first 5 minutes. Whether you are scaling a rock face or mountain biking through the forest, the silicone and polycarbonate shell is completely shock proof and claims to make your device completely protected against almost anything – it’s even waterproof up to 6 feet for up to an hour. If you don’t believe it, Incipo are calling your bluff with a one year warranty that says they will repair or replace your phone if it is affected by water damage with the case on.